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Children's Programs

Building Relationships Wherever we go! 

Children's Music

Canyon Creek Kids is more than just a children's music and worship program. We are a community that teaches kids about the sacred nature of music in praise and worship. Our program is designed to help children learn how to read music, participate in choir, and play musical instruments. Our team of dedicated professionals provides an engaging and interactive learning environment where children can grow in their faith while learning about music and worship.

Sunday School

Bible study predominately happens in Sunday School classes. Our curriculum Wonder Ink is designed to help children understand the Word of God in a way that is relatable and engaging. We use creative methods to help them explore the Bible and apply its teachings in their lives. We make a point to teach in layers that accommodate learning for kids of all learning styles.


We encourage children to develop a personal relationship with God through worship. Worship is not music. It can be, but we want to share with kids that however they're using their gifts, discovering the world in gratitude, and expressing the Spirit of God intentionally- is Worship. Sunday mornings are fun and interactive, providing children with an opportunity to praise God and connect with others.

Prayer & Liturgy

Prayer is an important part of our spiritual practice at Canyon Creek Kids. We teach children how to pray, why we practice this, and that it is how we can directly connect with God. We provide opportunities for them to pray together as a community, in class, Sunday services, and individually. Alongside prayer, we believe kids should have an active role in Sunday Worship with the congregation. They are able to serve as lay leaders, scripture readers, musicians, and more. 

Family Fellowship

Here at Canyon Creek Kids, we are more than just a Sunday school program. Our mission is to create a strong, supportive community where kids can learn about Christ, build valuable relationships, and most importantly, have fun while doing it. Our events, camps, and retreats are designed to cultivate meaningful relationships through interactive experiences. We believe that investing in our kids is investing in the future church, and we're eager to make a positive impact in the lives of our kids and their families.

Serving the Community

Service and Missions for children at Canyon creek is called, Kids Who Serve. Through this program, we are passionate about instilling in our children the values of kindness, care, and compassion for others. We believe in demonstrating this through a lifestyle of service, rather than a single missions trip. Our organization operates on the Matthew 25 principle, treating all individuals with equal love and respect, as if we were doing so directly for Christ. We regularly are practicing this through projects and partnerships every month! 

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